October 2, 2023

European Club Cup Round 3

The third round of the 26th European Club Cup saw tightly contested matches on the top six tables, all finishing in a 3.5-2.5 result. SOCAR Azerbaijan came out on the top from the clash with A DAN DZO & PGMB Chernigiv, thanks to the full points of Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Alexander Grischuk.

If Vassily Ivanchuk was the hero of St.Petersburg Chess Club in the previous round, today it was Levon Aronian’s turn to shine as he defeated exactly Ivanchuk to bring a minimal victory to Mika Yerevan. The other games in this match finished in draws.

The duo of young superstars of ShSM-64 Moscow, Sergey Karjakin and Fabiano Caruana, netted a victory against the German multiple team champion Baden-Baden OSG. For Economist-SGSEU-1 the most valuable result came from the 6th board where Michael Roiz used the advantage of white pieces.

Top round four pairings are ShSM-64 Moscow – Economist-SGSEU-1, Mika Yerevan – Bihac CK, Vesnianka Gran – SOCAR Azerbaijan, G-Team Novy Bor – Viking Stockholm, Oslo Schakselskap – St.Petersburg Chess Club, Naiden Voinov CC – Baden-Baden OSG and Beer Sheva CC – Yugra.

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Samaia Tbilisi continues with the good play at the 15th European Club Cup for Women and defeats neighbors from Armenia, Mika Yerevan, in the third round of the competition. At the same time, AVS narrowly beats another Russian team, Giprorechtrans, thanks to IM Muzychuk Mariya on the 4th board.

The defending champion Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo, angered after yesterday’s setback, sat to play against CS Fischer Chieti. One draw, on the third board, was all that the sympathic Italians are taking home tonight.
BAS bounced back easier than expected, with a victory against USV Volksbank Halle.

Round four pairings are Samaia Tbilisi – AVS, St.Petersburg Chess Club – Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo, MIKA Yerevan – BAS Beograd, Giprorechtrans – USV Volksbank Halle, CS Fischer Chieti – Lokomotiv 2000, Ashdod Elite CC – Herzliya Chess Club and KSC Komarno – Oslo Schakselkap.

Results and standings / Photos and videos / PGN